【For Pool】Simple Guide to ARPA & FOR Combo Mining


  1. Get FOR token: FOR token scan be purchased from centralized exchanges (Huobi, Binance,etc.). Users need to transfer the FOR tokens to BSC address of your personal wallet through the Binance exchange

  1. Search【ForTube】in the APP wallet supporting BSC chain,such as MATH wallet, to enter into ForTube BSC version.

  1. Turn to the 【FOR Pool】plate. Find ARPA pool in 【New Listing Pool】 , and lock FOR token to get $ARPA as reward.

Note: Approve for the initial lock operation.

ARPA Mining Supply: 357,144

Mining Period: 30 days

  1. Deposit $ARPA to FuTube BSC Version to earn $FOR reward

Note: Approve the deposit for the initial deposit operation. Enter the amount of ARPA assets you want to deposit and click [Deposit] to confirm.

FOR Mining Supply: 140,000

Mining Period: 14 days

  1. View Mining Reward at Dashboard plate.